Monday, November 20, 2006

Jewelry Personality

Every girl and woman loves Jewelry, right? While one woman loves jaw-dropping diamonds, another one adores an endeavor dazzing gold watch or the other one likes to play it cool with just a pair of pearl earings.

Some women may even feel naked without jewelry. Everyone is obsessed with at least one piece of jewelry once in a life-time.

Normally, I'm not a Elizabeth Taylor kind of jewel-lover. However, I can't go out without anything on my ears. I "Loves" earings.

Well, it's not the point of this post. Bear with me for going a bit off the topic. I just happen to do that sometimes.

So Ready to find out what's your Jewelry Personality?

Exhibitionist: You are fearless in purchasing jewelry. Mostly it's all about jaw-dropping jewels. You are constantly on the hunt for special pieces that no one else will have. You travels the world to discover extremely rare finds, thrives on showstopping peices, and cannot bear the thought of wearing anything anyone else has.

Traditionalist: You regards fashion-forward jewelry. You likes the big stones in classic settings. Your engagement ring should be a large emerald-cut diamond. You prefers to live and die by your 4 C's diamond and loves family heirlooms. You hates anything remotely trendy. Basically, the bigger the better.

Minimalist: You are almost always bare. You are content with your favorite watch. You keeps jewelry maintenance to a minimum. Relies on tried-and true favorites. You may prefer a day at the spa if you are offered to choose a jewal gift or spa gift.

Adventurist: You tend to tinker with jewelry and create things themsleves. You loves odd combination with creative type. Your collection is full with fake-and real stone neckalaces with equal fervor.

Some of you may be an exhibitionist trapped inside a minimalist's bank account. You can't be bothered to change your jewelry with every outfit and you don't have the cash to buy the pieces that you dream of.

I think I may be an adventurist trapped inside exhibitionist. I loves rare pieces with un-expensive prices and I'm more into bead necklace instead of into big stone. But I'm not gonna content with a wedding band. I want at least shiny diamond and the bigger one is more preferable in this case.

So whcih jewelry personality are you?

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