Thursday, February 22, 2007

Menu of Facials Unmasked (Part 1)


"It's very helpful if the pores are clogged, because it enables you t clean out the debris without using excessive [ressure, which can cause inflammtion and scabbing" says Amy B. Lewis, a New York City dermatologist. Steaming should always be done to a clean face and is suitable for all skin types.

When one steams the face regularly, at least once a week, glowing skin is the result.

Equipment: Electric facial spa or a large bowl w/towel. Timer.

Time:20 minutes


1. Follow the manufacturer's direction for operating your facial spa. If you do not have an electric steamer. Heat three to four cups of water and put it in a large bowl. Caution: Do not boil the water. Serious burns may occur.

2. Set your timer. Lean over your equipment.

If you are using an electronic model, you can skip to step three. While you lean over your bowl, take a towel and hang it over the back of your head. Extend it over the bowl. Tuck it the corners to trap in the steam.

3. Once the steam is complete, blot dry the moisture away.

4. Take your favorite facial cleanser and cleanse your face.

5. Follow with your moisturizer.


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I steam my face sometimes too.. but it never seems to work. =(

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