Friday, September 29, 2006


Hiccups: Spasms of both the vocal cords and diaphragm, causing periodic, audible, short, inhaled coughs.

Causes: Irritation of the diaphragm, indigestion, or your habit of drinking and eating so fast.

Self-Care Treatment: Breathing into a paper bag (inhaling carbon dioxide) or dissloving a teaspoon of dry sugar at the back of your tongue may stop them.

Personally, breathing into a paper bag works for me. Whenever I can't help getting hiccups, I breath into a paper bag for 10-15 times. It works!


DMM said...

Or scaring the heck out of said person who has hicups. LOL

Anonymous said...

Personally I prefer the use of a plastic bag...very tight... ;)


fashion? yes please. said...

finally-something that actually gets rid of hiccups!!!!!

Alex said...

I just let them pass, I relax. It goes away usually.

Irene Tuazon said...

I just drink a lot of water while holding my breath. It really works!

Anonymous said...

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