Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Best Eyebrow shape for your face

Eyebrow Shapes

Round: A round face looks best with high arched eyebrows where the peak is toward the end of the brow and the tail is short.

Oval: Lucky you - An oval face looks great with any eyebrow shape.

Square: Square faces have strong jaw lines that can be balanced with strong, angled eyebrows, where the peak is close to being directly above the square of the jaw.

Heart: To emphasize this pretty face structure, the eyebrows should have a rounded shape.

Long: A long face looks best with a flat brow to avoid further elongation.

Diamond (triangle): Diamond faces are quite angular and look great with a more rounded or peaked eyebrow to narrow the width.

For visual aid, check out the previous post, Face shapes, which should help you to figure out your face shape and eyebrow shape.


Hair color:Ashy, cool tones, brown or blonde
Brow color:Ashy, cool tones, light-to-medium brown

Hair color:Red or with reddish highlights
Brow color:Auburn or brownish-red

Hair color:Platinum Blonde
Brow color:Taupe, light brown, medium brown

Hair color:Golden or Dark Blonde
Brow color:Medium brown or golden brown

Hair color:Brunettes
Brow color:Dark brown

Hair color:Black
Brow color:Dark brown or charcoal black

Hair color:Grey or White
Brow color: Medium brown or slate grey


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McDreamer said...

Salons here in Manila doesn't color eyebrows... And i'm afraid, can't do that myself...

Thebodytalk said...

mcdreamer, please don't color your eyebrows yourself. It takes too much risk unless you know how to do it and it can get messy. I don't recommend for doing it yourself.