Friday, October 06, 2006

Period Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

To my dear fellow ladies,

Has your menstrual cycle gone a bit wacky?

Painful periods
What it might mean: Unusually heavy cramps or lower back pain are one of the few symptoms of endometriosis.

Irregular bleeding
What it might mean: Talk with your doctor about the possibility of endometrial polyps or pelvic infection.

What it might mean: If your clothes are suddenly tight through the abdomen--the key word is "suddenly"--it could signal ovarian cancer.

Heavy periods
What it might mean: You may associate extra-heavy periods with perimenopause, but they could also signals endometrial cancer or fibroids.


Anonymous said...

A little frightening, but let's face it, women really needs regular (once yearly) pap smear and transvaginal sound. Good I've had mine already.

Babsbitchin said...

I suffered w/ this for so many years. Glad it's finally over. Hey thanks for the comment on my Real Food blog!