Thursday, October 26, 2006

Heal Yaself at home

Paper Cut

Remedy: Swipe lip balm.
Why it works: It deprive the exposed nerve endings of air, which helps stop the bleeding and instantly relieves the sharp pain of these tiny cuts.

Dull, splintered nails

Remedy: Rub a dab of cod liver oil or castor oil onto cuticles and nails.
Why it works: Both oils soften cuticles and make nails shiny, plus the massage helps them grow.

Foot odor

Remedy: Dissolve two Alka-Seltzer tablets in a quart of warm water and soak feet for 15 minutes twice a week.
Why it works: The baking soda in Alda-Seltzer increase the acid level on your feet, which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. If you're allergic to aspirin (a key ingredient in Alka-Seltzer), try sprinkling baking soda into your shoes to absorb any odors.


Ju Pengfei said...

I just saw your change your blog's theme.
In China,there is a project called GFW,it means great firewall.You should know that Chinese Greatwall,the Greatwall is use to resist the enemy's inroad in ancient time,just like this, the GFW is use to block some website of abroad.You must know,that's a good blog,but I only can visit it with a tool.
I hope I can visit blogger normally...

molly said...

It really should have been Jaeda tonight!!! Why on earth is she still there? Because she took a picture where she looked angry? That's so dumb. I'm also so sick of Jaeda harping on about being the pretty girl.

I hate Tyra's fake humility. She's been driving me crazy all season.

Thebodytalk said...

Ju Pengfei, Thanks.

Molly, to tell you the truth, I don't wanna see Jaeda anymore.

Save Sheila said...

You have strange comments! Loved today's info, especially the one about paper cuts! Thanks!

Thebodytalk said...

Save sheila, really? I have strange comments? I like the paper cuts, too. It's rare information, I guess.