Monday, October 23, 2006

Body Fax

Modern communication from your Body. How cool is that?

Credit: Jerry King


Ju Pengfei said...

Hi,Miss "the bodytalk",haha, I do't know how to call you,just use "Miss thebodytalk" to call you.
I saw your comment on my weblog. I'm sorry that I was error in your gender. haha,but I think you didn't mind that. Just I know why your BLOG is so beauty. yeah, you perhaps be a beauty woman like your BLOG. I'll be come here to visit your blog again.

add:I really like the clever faces!
bye,my friend!

Ju Pengfei said...

Does you know what's the Chinese called him that the star called Elvis Presley?
In China,we called Elvis Presley "猫王:,it sound like this:"maowang",it means "king of the cats",haha, Is it very laughably?
5:-),I know the number 5 is like his hair-style.
I know he is a rock star early than my favor The Beatles and he is really a famous man,but I haven't listen his anyone music. Opposite I enjoy the Beatles very much.The one in my blog's background-sound is beatles' "I'll be on my way".
haha,no brunk,I'll continue my work now.

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. so true. Sometimes we just don't know wat's good or bad for our body!

Irene said...

I think I'm next in line to receive that fax. Bwahaha! :p
I linked your site to my page also! Woohoo!

Thebodytalk said...

Ju pengfei, it's ok about my gender. Now, you know I am not the man. Haha!

Princess shin, I agree with you.

Irene, Haha! it's funny! Are you sure you are next in line? Maybe I'll be infront of you to receive that fax. :-) Who knows?
Thanks for linking me.